I have a little problem with commitment. Now anyone who knows me is going to say “WHAT!! You?? Little Miss Serial Monogamous? The first of her girlfriends get engaged? No you’re very happy with commitment.” I’m great with relationships but what I can’t commit to are my knitting projects. I jump from one project to another sporadically finishing things and forever accumulating WIPs, yarn stash, knitting books and magazines. I have finally had enough! It’s time that I get committed to this craft that I love so very much. So the plan for the next 365 days is to:

1) Finish all my current WIPs without starting a new one
2) Once this is complete I will work through my stash. In order to work through my stash I will have to use my books and magazines for inspiration and on occasion create my own patterns. Perhaps those patterns will be good enough to post here for all you knitters to use for your own stash busting.

The next 365 days will be a journey and a struggle. I am a natural consumer. I love to buy yarn and more than anything I love knitting books and magazines. I read my knitting books and dream of all the things I can make. I make endless lists of things I just HAVE TO knit but they never come to fruition. This is the year that ends. If I want a book, I must stop myself. If I want new yarn, I will have to spin the rovings I already have.

Tonight is opening night of the winter Olympics and I plan to start this journey here by participating in the RavOlympics. I will be working through as many WIPs as I can over the next 2 weeks. This will be the perfect jumpstart to my journey.

So come and join me on this journey that is bound to be frustrating, interesting and above all else fulfilling.

The first project I am going to tackle is the The Wooly Vest I started to make for my Grandfather.  It’s been a cold winter here in the Northeast and Lord knows he can use a little wool to warm his cantankerous soul.