I was looking at my ravelry projects last night and I found more WIPs. So in the spirit of full disclosure and honesty the new list is:

  1. Moebius Vest / Jacket by EZ (Warm Wooly Vest For Grandpa) rav link
  2. Lotus Blossom Shawl by Dorothy Siemens rav link
  3. Gothic Leaves by Janine Le Cras rav link
  4. Silky Negligee by Yahaira Ferreira rav link
  5. Thick-and-Thin Cardigan Coat by Stefanie Japel rav link
  6. Swirl Shawl by Lijuan Jing rav link
  7. Cabled Riding Jacket by Teva Durham rav link
  8. Tree of Life Mittens rav link
  9. Mr Foster Sock Monkey by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence rav link
  10. Gossamer Stole by Sharon Winsauer rav link
  11. Arden Bag Kit by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence rav link
  12. Sabine by Louisa Harding rav link
  13. Herringbone Sweater by Erika Knight rav link
  14. Bulky Cape by Me
  15. Clapotis by Kate Gilbert rav link
  16. Ladylike Gloves by Eunny Jang rav link
  17. Cleo Clutch by Chrissy Gardiner rav link
  18. Argyle Socks by Leisure Arts rav link
  19. Lace Stitch Shrug by Nashua Handknits rav link
  20. 1930 by Karen Stockton rav link
How did I get to 20 things!! TWENTY!!! I guess I really do have a problem. The more I think about my WIPs I remember more things that are the needles that I haven’t listed on ravelry for some reason of another. I think there’s a pair of worsted weight hiking socks that I started after Rhinebeck and maybe one or two other things. I think I need to sit down and go through ALL my hiding places so I can get a real tally and maybe find some things I didn’t know about. I definitely need to catalogue my stash, especially the kits that I keep buying from Knit Picks (such a weakness of mine, there’s one more I really want but I have to control myself…come on willpower).  After I have my stash catalogued I will catalogue my books, magazines, and pattern books so I can start pairing yarns with patterns. Then I just have to knit them all. The more I think about this the more daunting it seems. I guess I just have to take it one day at a time.
Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Knitting! And I’m off to watch Cheaters with the man (because that’s how we do V-Day).