Turning A Corner

I have finally moved on the to applied I-cord for Grandpa’s vest. I’ve turned my first corner and I’m really enjoying the color combination. I’m hoping my staunch, ultra-conservative Grandpa won’t thinking it’s too flashy. But he’ll just have to love it since I made it for him, right? 

This is the first EZ pattern I’ve knit where I didn’t need a video or a cheat sheet to understand her. I love her patterns and I simply love watching and reading her but sometimes I have no idea what she’s telling me to do. You really need to read every word in her story or else you end up with a mess. Her patterns and books truly are stories. There seems to be a memory associated with each and every pattern. Some ski trip with her hubby or some bright idea Meg had or a memory of her mother. There’s something about her humor and determination that reminds me of my late Grandma. Maybe that’s why I chose an EZ pattern for Gramps. Gram always knit things for him. He told me a story once about a pair of argyle socks she made him and how wonderful they were. The whole time he was talking he looked like he had escaped into the memory of her and those socks. You could see the love in his eye and just how much he misses her. When I read EZ I think of my Gram knitting me sweater that I just hated when I was little because they were itchy but now I covet because my Gram knit love into each and every one of those stitches. Now that she’s gone it’s my turn to knit a little love for Gramps. She always managed to soften the old grump, maybe I can do the same. 

On a less nostalgic note, I started looking into design software to help me when I’m ready to start writing up patterns for all this yarn I have lying around. I tried the Wild Stitches Knitting Software and it was nice but I think it was too much. They only did flat knitting and I like to work in the round and the home edition ($90) was missing some of the features I loved when I used they’re demo, like the stitch motif and the sizing functions. These features are included in the designer version which is $390 but I’m just not prepared to spend that much at the moment. So after playing with it for a while I returned the home edition and ordered Sweater Wizard and Mitten Wizard both are simple to use and will generate schematics and generic instructions which I can then tailor to fit my needs. I really really really want the stitch motif software but it’s not in the budget this month but I will order it next month so I can start charting out some fab patterns. 

I have to say I’m really excited about the next 361 days and I hope I can keep up the momentum.