Gram's Sweater

After talking about my Gram and her knitting yesterday I remembered that I actually have one of the sweaters she knit for me in my closet. I remember when she knit this for me I thought it was ugly and itchy and I don’t think I ever wore it. When my mom pulled it out of the closet and showed it to me probably 18 years later I thought it was the sweetest, most adorable sweater I had ever seen. We think I can still fit in it today but the sleeves will be a little short. My Mother’s response to that is that 3/4 length sleeves are the fashion now. Of course this comment immediately made me think of Mrs. Bennett discussing long sleeves with Mrs. Gardiner but that’s an entirely different conversation.
Gram’s sweater was knit side to side with alternating colors in raw wool with little I-Cord ties on the front. The I-Cord and the raw wool make me wonder if our friend and mentor EZ had anything to do with its creation but I will never know. I doubt the pattern (if there even was one) is still hanging around Grandpa’s house and if it was I doubt I’d be allowed to go rifling through the house for it. But I guess that’s something I should ask him one of these days. Whatever happened to Gram’s knitting patterns and books? Did he keep them? We’re they given out to my Mother and my Aunts? Perhaps I can use his vest as an intro to the topic. It would be wonderful lt spend a day touching the things that were once hers and maybe finding a few little knitting treasures tucked away in the attic.  Maybe one day I’ll have the chance.