As I sit here exhausted from a short week at work and feeling like I can’t swallow I think the best thing to do today is a Friday Stash Flash! It will help me go through my stash and it will but fun to just photograph my stash. I guess this will become a weekly feature of this here blog.

This is an oldie but I love it. When I say old you have to understand that I only started knitting seriously a couple years ago so my stash, though quite large, is still quite young.


This is one skein of Artyarns Silk Rhapsody Glitter that I purchased at Annie and Co. up on the Upper East Side nearly two years ago. I went to the store to find some Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton in Pickle to make Wendy Bernard’s Flair Jacket. This was my first true sweater-type garment and only the best would do! Also, I think I had yet to discover Knit Picks (who, by the way are evil!! Since they’re new catalogue arrived this evening and they should know I’m a junkie and need to cut back!!!). Anyway, I had never been in Annie’s but I had heard all kinds of wonderful things about the place. And the rumors were oh so true. The shop is long and narrow with a few comfy chairs making an aisle down the center of the store. It’s pretty much filled floor to ceiling with simply gorgeous yarns. At the back of the store is large table for people to just sit and knit. They have a shop dog which I just love, especially since I’m allergic to cats so I sort of hate it when people have cats in their stores. The sales people are really sweet and the customers are pretty laid back. I tried to be good and just focus on the yarn I needed but of course I got distracted by all the pretty colors and somehow this one little skein left the store with me. It’s like my little hands were possessed. They snatched up this skein and threw it into the pile at the register before I could even compute what had happened (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).

And now its two years later and frankly I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. It’s only 260 yrds and getting another skein will cost me another $30-40 dollars and the colors won’t match. What do you do with 260 yards of Aran weight silky glittery yarn? I guess I could make a cowl but that would be my third cowl and, really, how many cowls can I person really have? It’s so nice I don’t think I want to gift it to someone. I’m a little selfish that way. Since I have to finish these WIPs before I can even think about new projects I will have time to really think about this (hopefully not another 2 years). Any suggestions? I have all the one skein wonder type books, maybe something from one of those? Oy, decisions decisions…

Rememeber Knits Picks, I have a problem so stop sending fiber-pron to my door and inbox!!!!  ENABLERS!