Today was a very busy day but I was a very good girl. I went out to the burbs to see my mother and enlist her help in finishing Gramp’s vest. She helped me make sure my side seams were even and helped me check the fit. Then we went to JoAnn’s to get a zipper for the closure. Of course they don’t make zippers in the size I need so later in the day I had to do some surgery to make sure it would fit. Anyway, while we were at JoAnn’s I found an upright Ott Light that was on sale for nearly 50% off!! So I snagged it!! I can’t wait to set it up and actually see what I’m working on (novel concept). We had lunch and then we went to Knitting Nation because I thought they might be having a sale. And I hate myself.

You’re probably thinking to yourself “NOOOOO not a yarn store!” Well kids, I made it out alive. No new yarns or books. Only two  little container things with holes in the top to feed yarn through. I thought they’d be helpful while making my fiance’s wedding sweater. It’s a two color sweater and the balls tend to roll away and pick up debris so I thought this would help. Plus it was something I could buy instead of yarn. There were some really pretty angora blend yarns that I had to stop petting because I was getting dangerously close to breaking my pact with myself and then I would look at my little contain things and think nope I’ll just get this instead.  I was so proud of myself when we left that we went up the street to the fabric store and bought lots of fabric I will probably never use because I don’t sew…well, at least it’s not yarn?

On an even better note, I’m nearly done with the Lotus Blossom Shawl. I just have to purl back and then I can bind off. I would finish it tonight but my elbow is bother me and I have to remember to take breaks. I will just have to wait untill the morning to finish the shawl and sew in the zipper on Gramp’s vest.  The only thing is, what do I work on next?