This morning I covered the couch in some of the beautiful fabric I bought yesterday. I bought a couple different styles of 2 yard panels of fringed wool.  Two of the same to cover the couch, a brown and green plaid panel to make a kilt (when I finally learn to sew) and two other plaids for mom to make into lovely wool jumpers (American not British jumper).  We love our couch but it needs to be re-upholstered. Sadly, we don’t have the money for this so in the meantime I thought we could cover it in this lovely fabric (instead of using the throws like we were doing before). I’m a little shocked that Carl doesn’t hate the panels. 1) they’re wool and he’s probably going to tell me they’re scratchy (they’re not) and 2) they have pink accents. All I know is that he approved them before leaving for work this morning so they’re staying.

Wool With An Ethinc Flair

I love how it has a little bit of an ethnic feel. I love the juxtaposition of the indian, spicy pinks and with drab brown wools. Boring meets flair. Love it! I think I will seam them together and make a little throw when I’m no longer using them as slip covers.

I also cleaned out the corner for the new Ott light and I have to say I love it! It looks a bit like a space lamp but the light it gives off is great. I can really see what I’m working on for a change. I have to take down the wall sconce that broke so we can find someone to fix it. It’s a little strange having two lamps in the same spot.  Things look a little chaotic but it will all be sorted shortly.

I think I will need to find the drill, spacel and the touch-up paint.

I’m starting to  feel like its home improvement Sunday. But have no fear! There is knitting. I’m currently casting off my Lotus Blossom Shawl and it’s taking me forever. I think it’s all the little bobbles I’m applying as I cast off. I wasn’t going to do them but it felt like I was cheating a little by not doing them. I think I need more practice making bobbles since none of them look the same and they really don’t look like little spheres. They’re more like little blobs. We can call them Blobbles!


I think I over did it a bit this weekend because my arm still really hurts and my starting to lose felling in my pinky again but it’s not as bad as it once was. I just need to be good and remember to take breaks from time to time while I knit. I’m making so much progress with my WIPs that I’d hate to have to stop for a few weeks while I wait for my arm to get better and then lose all my motivation. Frankly, I can’ t believe I’ve kept this up for 10 days without getting distracted by new projects. Plus, not buying magazines and yarn has really helped my bank account. I’m amazed at how much more money I have. I didn’t realize I was spending that much money on yarn! I have plenty of stash so there’s really no reason for me to be spending more money on new yarn that will just sit around. I have to say I’m very proud of myself.

Now I need to make something to eat and get back to my blobbles.