I ended up having a really shitastic Monday. Even with the exhilaration from finally finishing the Lotus Blossom Shawl I couldn’t keep the BS at bay. Basically, the contact person for one of our bank accounts at work is a complete IDIOT and I spent most the day yelling her and fighting with her and generally frustrated with her. Basically there are no executives in the office this week because they’re all out west at some strategy meeting and we spent all last week working out all the details for this project with her and with the in-house people and she tells me at noon yesterday that she needs to speak with one of the execs and it can’t be on their cell. There were a lot of F-Bombs. Absolutely everything that was done yesterday could have been done anytime last week. She just didn’t bother to tell us about new regulations and crap like that. I’m sorry if any of you work for a bank, I’m sure you’re all smart, hard-working people but I’m honestly surprised that this woman still has a job. Anyway, it all got sorted so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. 

I was home for about an hour and then we had to leave again to have dinner with some friends. We went to UVA on Second Avenue between 78 and 77. I’ve been there a few times before and it’s simply yummy. It was just going to be a quiet dinner with our friend Leigh and then our other friend Lauren showed up and then Leigh’s fiance showed up and it sort of turned into a party. Apparently, the fiance went to high school with owner and before we knew it he was bringing us free bottles of wine and literally every dessert on the menu. We rolled home (literally) by 10. Watched The Big Bang theory and passed out. 

Needless to say, I didn’t get much knitting done BUT I did manage to make a boo-boo on the little I did do. I’ve decided to try to finish the Silky Negligee by Yahaira Ferreira by the end of the Olympics so I can medal in Ravolympics but I’m not sure I can to it. I still have 6 inches of lace to do and this thing is knit in the round, on 2.5 needles, with fingering weight yarn. It took me about an hour to do four rows, I might not finish this one in time but I will finish it! On to the boo-boo 

Top Lace Detail

Notice the purl ridge running down the center of this image. This is the lace detail at the top of the negligee which was knit properly. 

Bottom Lace Detail

This is the start of the lace detail at the bottom of the negligee. I noticed after 4 rows that I completely forgot to do the purl rows in the beginning. After kicking myself a little and huffing and puffing I decided to just let this slide. It will take a long time to tink back all those tiny stitches and I really don’t like to purl so I have convinced myself the it will look much cleaner without that little ridge. 

When it’s all said and done this is what it’s supposed to look like: 


I thought it would be nice for our honeymoon or something. 

Now I need to get in the shower so I don’t smell like an old booze-hound or something.

Oh and I almost forgot! According to my dashboard 31 people visited the site yesterday. I know that would be nothing for someone like the Yarn Harlot but for me that’s GREAT! Thank you for reading and I’m happy I’m not completely boring. And I hope I can inspire (or guilt) others into finishing their WIPs and doing some stash diving of their own.