It’s another grey morning here in New York.

The view from our window

When I look out my window this is what I see. There isn’t enough coffee in the world to wake me up from my blahs this morning. It looks like it’s going to be another great day for curling up on the couch with my knitting watching bad tv or Austen movies. Unfortunately, I have to spend today organize more stuff at the office. It’s the perfect time since there’s no one there and I can work uninterrupted but the weather isn’t helping to motivate me. I wish I could knit at work at least. If I could find a job that would pay me the same but allowed me to knit during the day I think I’d be the happiest person on earth but that’s probably like wishing to win the lottery. It ain’t gonna happen!

To cheer myself up I took some technicolored pictures of my knitting last night.

Kickin back

Like my grinch pjs? I do! Anyway, I’m over an inch into the 6 inches of lace edging. I could actually finish this sucker in time for the closing ceremonies this weekend! But I shouldn’t count my chickens till they’re hatched right? We have a support staff drinks night tonight. You know the type of thing, while the cat’s away we’ll all go to the bar and charge our drinks back to the company. Anyway, that will surely cut into my knitting time. If I stay home on Thursday and Friday night I should be able to finish. Closing ceremonies are on Saturday right? Or is it Sunday? Either way, we’re going to make a big push to the finish (whenever it is).

I want to finish this thing so I can start something fun, like the Mr. Foster I started months ago. I’ve never knit a stuffed toy.

Carl just brought me my coffee so I’m going to sign off and enjoy my cuppa while I get ready for work. But one last thing. I found this podcast the other day and I started listening to it at work yesterday and she’s great. It’s called the Electric Sheep and it’s a really nice listen. Check it out if you need another knitting podcast, I always do.