Again the weather people are getting us all worked up about the BIG storm that’s going to hit. All the executives were supposed to fly back today and yesterday the office was pandemonium while assistants were running around changing flights. All anyone talked about was this storm. Based on their reactions, I expected to wakeup to a frozen arctic tundra this morning. Instead its just wet and a little snowy. Maybe it’s an arctic tundra in New Jersey but it’s certainly not a storm here.

A couple of weeks ago we had what they were calling the “February Fury!!!!” (I think the storm was marketed by the same people who did swine flu) and it snowed all day. And there was accumulation but it definitely wasn’t a fury. At least not in Manhattan. Of course I didn’t know this till the next day when there was almost no snow left on the streets. I worked all day while looking outr the windows at the white-out like conditions. I listened to the weather reports that were telling me that by 4pm the snow would be coming down “4 inches per hour!!!!” and how we should be careful of power outages and things like that. I have to admit, they got me. At 3:30 I rushed home to avoid getting stuck in a snow drift. I got home and the snow had gone from white-out to flurry and it continued to flurry the rest of the evening. I felt like an idiot. Of course, I will never do that again which means I will get snowed into the office at some point in my life. But definitely not today. Don’t worry though, if I do get snowed in I have knitting and a stash under my desk if need more knitting.

Drinks last night were a little too much fun but I was home by 8pm and manged to watch Canada CRUSH Russia in hockey while working on the negligee. I didn’t get a lot done since I was a little tipsy but I made progress and that’s all the matters. I’m still on track for another medal and more importantly my third FO in 2 weeks! Also, I will not go out for at least another week. Two nights this week was WAY too much for me, plus it’s eating away at both my knitting and gym time.

Time to plunger the coffee (french press, nothing weird I swear) and get ready for work.