I bought these two balls (about 1/2 kilo I think? I don’t understand buying yarn by weight) when we were in Argentina over the holidays visiting family. I bought it at a store called Milana. It’s a beautiful store with absolutely lovely yarns. Buenos Aires has a wonderful yarn district filled with fibery goodness. I don’t speak spanish so my soon to be MIL came with to translate since most the shop people don’t speak english. The owner of Milana was a very sweet man who told me he thought I was 1) Argentine (I guess he just thought I was a mute) and 2) a model. Those Argentines are such flirts, maybe that’s why I’m marrying one. Anyway, the only thing he said in english was Purl Soho. That made me laugh. I feel like the whole world knows Purl Soho and it’s the tiniest little shop.

The yarn I bought is  either some sort of acrylic or viscose blend. It feels like fake silk basically. It has a wonderful sheen and hand. I plan on knitting it into a little short-sleeved top if I have enough. Like I said, I really don’t understand buying yarn by weight. If someone can explain it to me I’ll be very happy. Since I can’t get more of this yarn I will just have to knit this top-down so I can make decisions as I go.

I guess I could get more if I really need it but already asked my future MIL to pick up extra yarn from Nube for the thick and thin cardigan. She gave it to the next person who came back to the states and I just got the extra balls a few weeks ago. But I guess I shouldn’t press my luck too much.

If you get the chance to go to Buenos Aires you need to stop by the yarn district. It’s about 2-3 blocks of just yarn shops. It’s absolutely fabulous. I wish they had a yarn district here. I mean we have a fashion district why not a yarn one. The only thing I will say is that there are a lot of acrylic and acrylic blends in these stores so if you don’t speak spanish bring someone along who does so they can ask all the questions. Especially, “What is this made of?”

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post I have to admit the snow is worse than I had thought. New Jersey is pretty bad but here in the City it’s really not that bad. It’s still coming down but I think we really only have a couple inches. However, traffic is pretty slow out there and it looks like a lot of people are staying home today. Of course, I can’t stay home today so I have to get dressed and start my trudge to work.


This is what it looked like from our window when we woke up. Carl was like a little school boy. He’s so excited about the snow but then again he gets to stay home today. I’ve heard a few plows go by some hoping it looks better when I leave in about 20 minutes.