I loooove Kim Hargreaves and she, of course, has to come out with a new book while I’m on a knitting diet. Winter Blooms looks marvelous. I love her jackets more than anything and this book has a lovely one.   

Photo from Royal Yarn, click to see source


 I don’t know which I want more, the jacket or the skirt!   

And this coat looks really comfy AND chic:   

From Royal Yarns, click to see source

Unfortunately, I don’t have the thighs for leggings. But I think I could rock it with a pair of jeans.   

This cape is pretty sweet too:   

From Royal Yarns, click to see source


More people should wear top hats, don’t you think?   

I just love her books. They make me want to jump into pages. The looks are always dark and haunting and above all very romantic . Heartfelt is still my favorite. One day, when I can buy yarn again, I will buy a bunch of Rowan and I will knit something from it. And maybe a couple things from her other books. It will be a long time before I can buy yarn again or I can buy this book.   

On that note,  I have a confession. I did buy one little book. Emphasis on book. I just received the first volume of Miss Flitt   

365:11 Miss Flitt   

It’s a really sweet story written by Beth Hahn. She also did all the watercolors and maybe she included a couple of knitting patterns at the back. But really its a story book that just happens to have knitting patterns or at least that’s how I’m choosing to look at it. I swear I got it for the story, which is great so far. It’s a sweet four-part mystery. The next volume is supposed to come out in the spring and I can’t wait to see what happens to all the characters. You should really check it out if you can. Plus it’s always good to support local artists and Beth is straight outta Brooklyn! See I’m helping my community. I did it for Beth.   

I have two more inches to knit on the negligee and then I’m done with my third WIP! I”m very excited. I need to find ribbon and a small button so I can do the finishing work on it. If I finish early today I might go to M&J to find a button and ribbon. Otherwise, I might try tomorrow. Once this is done I think I’ll stick to spinning for a few days so I can give my arm a bit of a break. My computer work is ever-increasing and my arm and shoulder are in a ton of pain. Once the Ravolympics are over I can knit at a more reasonable pace but despite my (literal) pains I think this was a great start.  

Carl’s off to a bachelor party today so I will have a lot of alone time with my knitting and my movies. I should get a lot done today. Plus, with him out the house I can work on his sweater. I’m sorry there are no pictures of this sweater but he will look at the blog and it is supposed to be a surprise. He says he doesn’t read it but I think he might just to make sure I’m not divulging all the secrets of our life together. Or I could be paranoid. Either way I think it’s best that I don’t post pictures here until he receives his sweater on our wedding day.  

Now I’m off to watch more MacGyver while I knit.