The mouse will organize her stash.

Stash Organizing

Or at least the stash in our living room. I pulled out everything I could find (in the living room) and organized it yesterday. Now I will keep all my WIPs are in that tall pink bag. Of course all my current WIPs don’t fit in the bag so I have two larger sweaters stored near the bag for now. I think this will help me focus on my WIPs. I just have to grab one from the bag and work out it. No more hunting around for my WIPs which should save me time and stress.

There is more yarn in this house but I actually can’t get to it. We have this little storage space under our spiral staircase (also known as the staircase of death) and it looks like Carl put two GIANT boxes of books on top of my plastic tub of yarn. Maybe I can get him to move the boxes next weekend so I can organize that yarn as well.

In other exciting news, I finally finished the Silky Negligee. You can see it blocking in that stash photo. But here are some details shots.


365:13 Another FO

I think it’s just lovely. I’m going to M&J today to find the straps and a button. I wanted to go with my mom because I know she’d really like it but she’s too busy today to come into the city and have lunch with me. I will just have to go by my lonesome.

Remember how I said I would spin for a few days so I didn’t hurt my arm more? Well I forgot about that yesterday and I started working on the Lace Stitch Shrug from Nashua Handknits that I started way back in November 2007. I bought the yarn and pattern which I was in Chicago for Carl’s cousin’s wedding. My incredibly wonderful boyfriend let me go to one yarn shop while we were there and I went to Loopy Yarns. We didn’t have a lot a down time while we were there so this was very generous of him. I believe Carl walked in and tried to hang out while I shopped but he only lasted about 5 minutes before he went outside and just paced the block. He never rushed me or anything he just couldn’t stay in the shop. Maybe it was all the yarn, I don’t know. That store was wonderful and they even had a dog! I know they’ve moved since 2007 but I’m sure the store is even better now.


I think this was going to be my first lace project so I actually swatched the thing. I cast-on and the multiples for the first 7 rows seemed off. I tried to find the corrections online but for some reason I just couldn’t find them. I didn’t know what the real issue was so I just let the thing sit — for over a year. I pulled it out last night thinking that there probably wasn’t an issue and that I was just a new knitter making mistakes. I tried again last night and there really is a typo in the pattern. But I’m a much more experienced knitter now so I had confidence in my solution. So I’ve been knitting away on the shrug.



I just love the Lion and Lamb yarn from Lorna’s Laces. It’s so so so soft and it have a great luster. If I could afford it I would totally make a big comfy boyfriend type sweater from this so I could wrap myself up in it and be ensconced in silky goodness.

I also worked on Carl’s wedding sweater for a little bit but honestly, I was more interested in this lace shrug…shh don’t tell him. I’m thinking I can I wear this little shrug to my bridal shower, whenever that is. So I have to finish it soon so I can put it in the closet with the dress I think I’m going to wear so I’m ready to go whenever they “tell” me it’s time.

Time to find some breakfast and get into the shower so I don’t stink up M&J. Happy Sunday!