I went to M&J yesterday and found some wonderful things to finish off the negligee. My mom is coming over tonight to have her haircut (it’s actually cheaper to have my guy come here…whoda thunk it?) and I’m going to rope her into helping me determine the right length for the shoulder straps. Anyway, this is what I got.


Beautiful silky ribbon for the waist.


Some beaded trim for the shoulder straps.


And one sparkly pearl bottom for the back.

I spent way too much money (of course) but I had a great time. I bought a bunch of paillettes to make this skirt from Knit.1 (but I’d make it longer to preserve my modesty).

I know it's flashy and short but I love it!

I even walked down to Lion Brand Yarn Studio (it’s about 20 blocks south of M&J) to get extra yarn to combine with what was already in my stash so I could make the skirt. I was so excited that I rushed home to swatch it however when I got there I realized that the holes on the paillettes were way too small. I threaded them onto some black thread and tried to carry them with the yarn and that was a mess. So now I have more yarn than I need and thousands of useless paillettes. So I can either return the yarn and the unopened paillettes OR I can find a small hole punch and make the holes bigger. What do you think? Return or make do?

I also found these lovely sketch books for fashion flats. After failing at the sequined skirt I pulled out my stitch books  and my pencils and designed a nice little vest for some orange mohair yarn I bought in Argentina.


The new Shirely Paden design book is great by the way.

Maybe I’ll even knit this one! I will certainly be warm.

I’m feeling a little under the weather again but I don’t think I’m actually sick. I’m wondering if it’s just from the change in weather or the dryness of the air but I just feel yuck. My throat hurts a bit and my heads a little congested. It didn’t help that I was so hot in the office today that I was actually getting dizzy. In fact I’m still a little foggy. I’m going to stop here before I start to ramble and make no sense. Maybe I just need some really bad food. Hmm…off to hunt for grease and fat.