A very quick post this morning since I’m still feeling a little fuzzy. I’m not sick though, I’m now convinced it’s allergies.

I need your help. The Lace Stitch Shrug is basically a rectangle that you stitch together a bit on each end to make sleeves and then you add ribbing around the rest to make a neckline. When I first bought this yarn the lady at Loopy Yarns helped me to substitute yarns and made sure I had enough. Of course, when I got home I thought “I need more yarn!”. So I ordered another ball, I was just a beginner knitter, man did I think I knew everything. So here we are 2 years later and I do indeed have enough yarn and the extra ball I bought is much lighter than the other three I’m using to knit this thing. So the question is do I do the ribbing in the same color as the body OR do I do the ribbing in the lighter version to give a two-tone effect?

365:16 Choices Choices

Ribbing in the left or the right yarn?

Once this issue is sorted I can blaze ahead and finish this sucker. I’m really on a roll with my FOs! I wonder what I will work on next…I sort of want to cast-on a pair of socks to work on while I’m commuting but I need to finish I few more WIPs before I go and add to this list. Maybe if I finish 3 more WIPs I will let myself cast-on some socks. After organizing my stash it’s painfully obvious that I need to knit more socks. Where did all this sock yarn come from?

Well that’s it for this morning. Have a great day and thanks for the help.