And I was right. It depends on when you listen to me.

365:17 The Choice Is Made

The yarn has spoken, I will be doing the ribbing in the lighter color. I really thought I’d have enough of the original color but I didn’t. However, after blocking the shrug last night I’m starting think it’s way too long. I did the smallest size and they say to knit a 48inch rectangle. Mine’s 49 because the yarn has a little bit more stretch than I knew. An inch is probably not a huge deal since I can just make each sleeve about half an inch longer.  But is this too long? I guess have to hope the ribbing will pull the main body section in enough to make this thing fit. It’s funny how as a beginning knitter I had a better sense of how much yarn I would need.

I hope to be able to seam the sleeves tonight and start the ribbing. Maybe I can finish this shrug tomorrow. That would be FO #4!

I still have the sore throat and the fogginess but I’m not “sick”. Carl keeps telling me to take a sick day so I can just rest but there’s too much to do at the office right now to take a sick day because I feel crummy. I need to push past crummy to dying and hopefully that won’t happen. Sorry for the another short post but my head is too fogggy this morning for thinking and I need to save my thinking for work.

Happy Hump Day!