Today’s (very late) stash flash is the sumptuous mohair yarn I bought in BA.

I don’t know which store it came from since I spent the day walking up and down the yarn district going into any store that was open. Some shops were like the shops you see here in the States and others were more like a bargin bin store. Just a store filled with bins of yarn. Most of the yarn was acrylic but behind one of the counters at one of the stores was this BEAUTIFUL orange mohair and I just had to have it. I bought three balls of yarn for 30 pesos which is about $8 dollars (completely insane). I didn’t have a project in mind, I just loved it. The other day I showed you the sketch of want I’d like to make with this. I think it will make a great vest. A whole sweater of this stuff would be way too hot but a vest will be perfect. I’d like to swatch it this weekend so I can work out some of the kinks and maybe cast-on.  Eventually I’d like to post the pattern here on the blog. As long as it’s not awful.

On a different note, Carl apparently likes to watch me write these posts which I find a little creepy. I don’t mind him reading them when they’re done but to watch me type them is just weird. I feel like I’m Doogie Howser or something…it’s just wrong.

Anyway, We labeled and stamped our save the dates this evening so they can go out tomorrow. Every time we check something off our list I get really happy and then I see all the things we still have to do before the wedding and I panic a little. One thing that isn’t stressing me out is the dress. My mom is making my dress and she’s also taking a class in May with a couture sewing lady in Boston. Before class she has to have a completed muslin done so she can spend the week working on the dress with this lady. The lady has offered to fit me to the muslin before the class starts so we’re going down to her house in Maryland on May 1st. Guess what weekend that is? Maryland Sheep and Wool!!! I’ve been trying to go for years and I’ve never made it. Now I have no excuse! I’m super psyched but I don’t like the idea of going to a fiber festival while on a yarn diet. It will be hard but I can do it!

Now I have to get out my work clothes and find some din dins. Once that’s sorted I can bind off the shrug and start working on my next WIP. I hope the shrug works this time. Happy Friday!