One hexagon down…10 more to go!

I love the colors!

There’s more green in person but I have to say the colors are fabulous. I’m sticking to my plan to finish this sweater as quickly as possible so I can get back to my WIPs. I still feel bad about my break down but I can’t get hung up in this.

One thing I can get hung up on is the size of this sweater. I have about a 35-37in bust depending on the time of the month. The X-Small is 35 inch and the small is 39 inch bust. My mom suggested I make the small so I can wear something under the sweater. Plus for my entire life she’s made me or tried to make me buy my clothes one size too big “in case I get fat” so I think that’s part of her reasoning as well. I thought about it on the drive back last night and decided that this would like nice with more ease so I cast-on for the small. I had a few questions about the pattern this morning so I went on to ravelry to find the answer and I saw a post from Norah saying how this sweater looks it’s best when it’s knit with very little ease. Now I’m nervous. I don’t want to rip out the hexagon since that will set me back a day but I don’t want to make a sweater that’s going to look like crap. I guess I have to stay committed and hope for the best.

On to the next hexagon…