I never showed you the finished shrug!

This would be the bridal shower outfit

I actually don’t hate it and I think it looks great with the bridal shower dress. Actually, I bought the dress for Argentina in case we did a fake wedding reception down there with the family that might not be able to make it to the real wedding. We had a party but it was more informal than I thought. It was a great time though and I ate parts of a cow I never thought were edible. And they were surprisingly  yummy. Anyway, I think this outfit will be perfect for whatever my bridesmaids come up with! Now what shoes to wear? I want fabulous high heels since I can’t wear them to the wedding, Carl’s not tall enough (or I’m too tall if you want to look at it that way).

I do have another show and tell item. I recently bought Carl and I matching dork shirts.

It Came Outta Nowhere!

Isn’t it awesome!!! I keep telling Carl it should be our gym wear. He doesn’t find that as funny as I do.

I have a new (to me) designer to share with you all thanks to So KnitPicky. Ori Ami Knits designs are so cool and modern. I really dig them. I think the Airfoil Skirt is my favorite! I have to add it to my queue so I can find it again. I wonder if I have anything in the stash that will work? hmmm…

I finished my third hexagon for joyella yesterday so I think I’m on target to have all the hexagons done by next week so I can seam and knit the sleeves. Sadly, the weather is warming up so I probably won’t be able to wear this until the fall. I can’t wait to see the finish product though. I think it’s going to be really cool.

OOO dinner just arrived…time to eat!