My copy of Insubordiknit’s Sit and Spin arrived today and I was super excited to get home and watch it tonight. Carl was supposed to have a client dinner so he wouldn’t be home till after 9. That gave me at least 1 hour alone to watch this and maybe pull out the wheel and try out some of the techniques. Unfortunately, Carl’s client cancelled and now I have to share the TV. Frankly, I’m a little bummed.

It’s funny, when you live with someone long enough you start to cherish the time you have alone in your home. I remember when we first moved in together we didn’t want to be apart. I night spent at a parents or friends was an eternity. Now we’re more than encouraging when the other starts to talk about possible plans that would take us away for a night. It’s not like we don’t love each other or the romance has died. It’s just nice to be alone sometimes and when you’re in a couple there the opportunities seem to be slim.

We had dinner with some friends the other night. Two of them are engaged and have never lived with each other. The other two are just some single guy friends of ours. This is how the conversation between the couples went.

Engaged Male Friend: It not like you can take a week off to hang out go on vacation without your wife…(fiancee is nodding in agreement while Carl and I have shocked looks on our faces)

Me: why the heck not?

Engaged Male Friend: Because it’s wrong

Me: I’d love it if Carl would go on vacation for a week. That would be wonderful!

Carl is agreeing with me while the other couple looks at us like we’re crazy…

Me: Oh yah, you’ve never lived with each other…give it some time and you’ll LOVE him to go on vacation alone.

OK I paraphrased that A LOT but you get the point.

Carl just got home so it’s time to discuss our days…

PS I’m in the middle of hexagon 7!! Wha! Wha!