Yes I have a "Princess" mug, Carl has a "Prince" mug but I bought it before I met him...shh don't tell him

We’re heading out to CT tonight to see my dad and to have dinner at our reception place so we can taste the menu. We’ve tried twice before to do a tasting and failed. The first time it snowed so bad in CT that dad had to cancel. The second time it snowed again and the town where we’re having reception was covered in ice so the restaurant closed early and they had to cancel on us. Today it’s supposed to rain heavily and there might be flooding in areas. We’re hoping none of this keeps us from being able to taste the menu!! My mom and I are hoping that we’re getting all the bad weather out-of-the-way before the wedding. But if it rains on my big day then so be it. I’m already planning on getting myself a pair of wedding wellies just in case there’s rain or mud.

I started the 9th and final full hexagon last night and I hope to finish it up this morning on our drive. After that I only have two half hexagons and two sleeves to knit. I was hoping to finish the half hexagons tomorrow but my boss asked if I could do some work this weekend since we’re all swamped (yay tax time!) so I have work to do tomorrow but I can do it all from home so it’s not that bad. Plus I get overtime pay and I can totally use the extra cash (really who doesn’t need extra cash?). I”m going to try to finish the two halves tonight. I should be able to finish them as long as dad’s dog, Brinks, doesn’t demand too much of my time. I have a secret weapon though! I bring him these all natural organic cow parts that he goes gaga over. They’re gross and carrying them home on the bus is just plain weird but the dogs go nuts for them and they’re good for them too. So this time I’m bring him a cow scapula and a knee cap. So gross but I promise you the puppies LOVE them. Over Christmas I brought him an achilles tendon and he stopped playing with all of us and just chewed on his treat. I’ve never seen him so calm and happy. It’s so worth the gross out factor.

I finished watching Sit and Spin last night and I L-O-V-E-D it! Jacey is a great teacher and I’m totally inspired to spin more. I have some roving hidden under my desk at work that I’m going to bring back here on Monday so I can practice my thick and thin. Once I’ve mastered that I want to try coils! I’m thinking of making one night a week my spinning night. I don’t spin enough for my liking and I need to give myself the time to practice and get better. I’m thinking it might be a good Monday night activity. Monday’s are usually awful and tiring. It would be nice to come home and relax to the rhythmic motion and sound of spinning. What do you think?