We had an excellent time at Dad’s house yesterday. We played with the puppy and he LOVED his little knee cap treat thing.

Brinks The Spoiled Puppy

I want it I want it...

Thank you daddy!!

yum yum yum

I think we all love him a little too much. But how could you not love that face? And those little paws…he’s so cute!

Dinner at our reception place was amazing. We had a regular dinner and then between courses they would bring out all kinds of things to taste. I think my favorite part was dessert. A fight nearly broke out at the table over who got to eat the sticky toffee pudding. It was heavenly and no one wanted to share. I’m still stuffed this morning.

Between playing with the puppy and gorging myself I managed to finish all the hexagons including the 2 half hexagons and I cast-on on the for first sleeve this morning before we left. I guess this means I’m a little ahead of schedule.

Driving back was really interesting. I guess the rain storm that came through last night was 10x worse in Westchester than it was in CT. As we got closer to the city more and more trees were down. Some of them even brought down the power lines. We stopped by my brother’s building near Fort Tryon park so Carl could quickly show an apartment to a buyer and there were so many fallen trees. Some of them landed on cars others were just scattered around the park, some of them rather large. There were dead umbrellas and umbrella parts all over the streets and when we got back into the car after the appointment it actually started to hail. Half way to the apartment the sun came out…we’re confused. Is more stormy weather on the way are we finally done? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Just a short post today. I have to get comfy and start doing my work work so I’m not in trouble tomorrow. Thankfully I can do it all from the comfort of my couch.