Tonight was all about work functions and family functions. To be honest I would have rather been home working on my sweater and managing the decoration changes that have gone on in my bedroom. We got home from dinner tonight and Carl says “it may look different downstairs.” We live in duplex with our main living are upstairs and our bedroom downstairs. I headed downstairs immediately and found that he’s rearranged our furniture…I have to modify this arrangement this weekend. For now I will work on getting rid of these hiccups…

I’m calling today a wash.

P.S.  what the hell is going on in our government? I’m all for changing healthcare but let’s change to something we all agree on. You can’t just pass something because you like it or you want to pass a plan! We should have the best plan possible…shouldn’t we? I know I shouldn’t bring politics into this blog, but really? Are we really talking about this “deeming” thing/passing a bill without the proper amount of votes? We should have a vote (on bills people have actually read) and see what happens. If it passes it passes if it doesn’t it doesn’t. I just think a healthcare bill is something we should get right the first time since it will probably be hard to “fix” once things are in place.  This is something that truly affects everyone and it should be the best bill possible and if it’s the best bill it will pass on it’s own merits.  I just think a democracy should be let to run like a democracy.  Ok I’m getting off my soap box because it has nothing to do with this blog. I don’t wont to incite people to fight I just want the best for everyone and if this is the best plan it will pass so let’s vote on that.

Sorry for the political outburst. I think healthcare is too personal to take lightly. We all need the best care money can buy. I’m open to anything that will work. I just want all the politics and BS in the house to stop. Let’s let thing fall where they may. Now I’m off to knit because that is peaceful and very much bipartisan.