And I’d really like to enjoy it! Unfortunately work is keeping me from all the nice weather. I’m having the kinds of days that no matter how late I work I’m exhausted. I spend my day running around like a lunatic and by quitting time I can barely remember what I did all day. Some days I feel like I have made no progress at all on my projects. Other days I look up and see that the clock says 3pm and I don’t know it happened or how I can possible finish everything and get home at a decent time. Luckily, all my work seems to be wrapping itself up around 6/6:30 (really it’s magic, I don’t know how this happens) and I can get home at a normal hour. Today I cheated a little and went in at quarter to eight and worked till about 5:40pm. I wish I could start early every day.

On the way home from work tonight I decided to stop into Talbots to get my mom a birthday present and to buy myself something nice for all my hard work. Of course something turned into somethings…hey at least it’s not yarn! I found a really sweet dress for mom’s birthday dinner tomorrow night (she’s turning 60!), a really nice cardigan, a tank and a cabled sweater thing that was on sale. I know that last one was really descriptive wasn’t it. Carl’s at softball practice tonight so I was able to sneak in my purchases and “hide” them in the closet. I really can’t hide things from him. The boy must have a catalogue of everything I own because whenever I put on something new that I swear he’s never ever seen before he calls me out. Not in a bad way he just always knows! He does read the blog so telling you guys is pretty much like tell him so…honey, I bought some new clothes and I think you’ll like them more than my pink rufflie tuxedo shirt. He really hated that shirt. 

I haven’t manged much knitting this week. I’ve come home too tired to even work simple stockinette! It’s truly sad when you can’t even manage that. BUT I’m going to get into something comfy, turn out the tv and get back to work on the last sleeve tonight. Thank god we all have two arms. I doubt I’d ever finish sweaters if we had more!

I’m sorry for the crappiness of my posts this week. I seem to have issues expressing myself at the moment. I also seem to have issues typing. Today I was sending a message to a knitting friend at work and instead of saying “ok I’m shutting up now” I typed “ok I’m shitting up now” she was very interested in how I could possible “shit up” and that’s the moment I knew I had lost it. Thank god tomorrow is friday. I’m going to shit up now and knit 🙂