I cast-on the baby sweater yesterday after a long long day of shopping and now I’m nearly done with the body!


I still have to finish the left front but I think I’ve made really good progress. I just love it! I think it’s going to be super super cute. Plus since it’s knitting up so quickly I will definitely be able to knit the little hat and booties. I hope our fund accountant like them.

Yesterday was a blast. My maid of honor lives in New Jersey and I don’t get to see her as much as I would like. We spent the day shopping and eating really bad foods. We rented a bunch of movies and bought a couple bottles of wine and settled in for a night of girlie movies and knitting. We finished the last movie this morning and before I knew it was time to come home :(. I miss her already. She’s lives in a beautiful apartment complex and I really want to move there so we can be closer but Carl doesn’t want to live in New Jersey. But it’s so pretty and she’s right there! Oh well…maybe we can get her to move here.

I’m absolutely exhausted and I just want to nap. All that shopping and driving and fun can really wear a girl out…