The new knitty is up and I’m in love with some of the patterns already.

I want to make the Summit Shawl because it’s awesome! And I think I have yarn in the stash that will work. Woo Woo!

I’m also in love with Gams. I know I should probably think knitted shorts are weird but I don’t. I want to knit a numch so I always have a pair in which I can lounge around the house. I’d make Carl some if they weren’t 1960-short. OOOO You could knit a matching cami and have a pj set! You could wear them at the pool or at the beach…ah…in love. Sometimes patterns just call to you don’t they?!!

I also love the Tribute Socks, the Que Sera sweater and the Duck booties are just adorable! I guess there will be a few additions to the queue this week.

I can hear you all saying, what about Spinning Monday? Well I decide to go back to my original plan of making Monday night my spinning night. Tonight I am going to continue spinning the beautiful targhee I’ve been working on for an embarrassingly long time. Isn’t it pretty?

Lovely Roving...

Even Lovelier Yarn!!

Now I’m going to shit up (still makes me laugh), get changed and get to work!

UPDATE: 5 little balls of roving left to spin!!

Five Little Targhees All In A Row