Many many many months ago I spun this lovely black, blue, pink and green superwash merino roving and it was the first time I spun a fine-ish yarn that was almost completely consistant. I was really happy about it and I started to plan projects while I was spinning it. Then it sat on the bobbin staring at me from our bookshelf. This morning I decided enough was enough and I took the yarn off the bobbin and it felt goooood.

When I got home I tied up my new skein of handspun and it’s now soaking in some hot water to set the twist, if there’s any twist left after all those months sitting on the bobbin. I snapped this shot before dunking it in the sink:

Ok it’s not a completed WIP but it is the completion of something that’s been sitting on the shelf (literally) for months. It still feels good. Now do I finish spinning the targhee from yesterday or do I work on the baby sweater? I’m thinking baby sweater. It was so nice spinning and listening to The Outlander yesterday and with Carl here I can’t really do that. I think I’ll pack the wheel up and finish the targhee on Monday. We really need a bigger place so I can have a little craft den (are you reading this honey? Bigger place :)).