(Carl’s gonna love that title)

Tonya Alpert is my new favorite designer! I love Riverbed. The collar is just awesome. You can pull it up and snuggle in. It looks so inviting. I want to knit this NOW!

Fisherman’s Net is rather lovely as well. It reminds me of the airy shawl I started back in the fall and of course never finished.

See don’t they have the same feel?

My version is knit with 2 balls Karabella Gossamer on size 17 needles. You literally knit stockinette until you run out of yarn. I don’t remember the number of stitches I cast-on but it’s about 18 inches in width and will probably be bigger when I finally finish this thing and block it. Unfortunately, it’s a very finicky thing to knit. The yarn is so fine and the needles SO big that’s hard to actually knit the stitch you want to knit. I think this is the one project where I find it easier to purl. One day I will finish this little bugger I swear.

UPDATE: After adding this to my ravelry projects I learned that this is really a Karabella pattern that you can buy, I guess I just took away all the mystery but really why would you buy this? I’m sorry Karabella but it’s so basic, give it to the people for free.

I also like the Pinot Noir Top. I think it’s something you would wear a lot and it would be comfortable as well as stylish. I really like the slouchy shape and the skirt effect on the bottom is lovely and different.

And let’s not forget Flickering Flame! I’d totally rock this sweater with a great pencil skirt, cool textured tights and some killer heels. It’s stunning.

Let’s face it I’m in love and fighting the urge to buy Haiku Knits: 25 Serenely Beautiful Patterns Inspired by Japanese Design. Must close Ravelry…