I finished spinning the targhee last night and it felt greaqt to finally be finished. I took the yarn off the bobbin and as I was winding it on the niddy noddy I noticed it was a tad bit overspun. But I didn’t think it was that bad. Then I took it off the niddy noddy…

Holy Moly

I guess it’s a bit more overspun than I thought…I washed it hoping that would magically fix the problem but I knew it wouldn’t. Once it dries I will wind it into a center pull ball and ply it with its self I guess. That’s the last thing I can think of to remedy the situation. Do you have any other suggestions? What a mess huh?

I never claimed to be a good spinner but I thought I was better than this. It’s painfully obvious that I need to stick with my Monday night spin nights so I can actually get better. My goal is to be able to spin the two pounds of alpaca my brother bought me a couple christmas’ ago into a nice, even, balanced yarn that I can knit into a wonderful sweater. Maybe even a sweater for him. After last night’s mess I guess I need to practice a little more.