I know I owe you two Friday Stash Flashes but the end of this week has been a little emotional and crazed. The least of our worries has been Carl’s Dad’s hip replacement yesterday. He’s doing great but of course we’re all very focused on his recovery. The big thing that happened this week is with my step-brother. I’ve only met him twice. My parents got divorced when I was about 16 and my dad got remarried when I was about 21. My step-brother has been in and out of jail since they started dating. I met him the first time he got out and moved in with my dad and step-mom. Things weren’t good. He had emotional issues and addiction issues. Eventually they came to ahead and he went back to jail. He got out again several months ago and when I saw him for second time at Thanksgiving this year he seemed to be doing really well and we all hoped that he was on the mend. He recently moved down south to live with his girlfriend and things changed. On wednesday he found some oxys and while he was high he tried to commit suicide. When the family he was with were driving him to the hospital to try to save his life he hopped out of the car and got hit by another car. He ended up on life support and yesterday he was declared legal dead. We also talked about him as being a tortured soul and sadly, we were right. My step-mother is one of the strongest women I’ve ever met. She’s a successful business woman, a wife, mother and a fine cook! He first husband (who I think she really loved) was just as tortured and had issues with addiction as well. Unfortunately, he also committed suicide when his son was young. To now be reliving this with your own child is inconceivable. I heart and love go out to her in her time of need. She’s an amazing person that doesn’t deserve this type of pain.

So there will be no stash flash tonight. I planned on seeming  Joyella tomorrow morning but I will now spend the morning making meals for my father and step-mother so they can have one less thing to worry about right now. Please send all your love and prayers and good vibes to them. I hope that we can all reach a state of peace in a timely manner. And hold tight to the ones you love, there’s nothing more important.