I finished seaming the back this morning and it’s officially too big.

But it’s very pretty. I’m not sure how it will look once it’s all finished and on but I will push on and see what comes of it. If it doesn’t fit me I guess I can find someone who will fit in it. Though I hate the idea of giving this one away. I really wanted to make this sweater. Maybe this is knitting gods punishing me for buying yarn while on a yarn diet. 

I managed to make it to my knitting group tonight which was great! I haven’t been in a really long time and it was nice to catch up with old friends. I was late because my appointment with my nutritionist ran late so I spent more time chatting than knitting BUT I managed to work on Carl’s sweater while I waited for the nutritionist to finish with the person before me. God that person was annoying. She did stop asking questions and you could tell the nutritionist wanted to be nice but also wanted to end the appointment. I wanted to scream “EAT YOUR VEG AND SHUT UP ALREADY!” I guess I shouldn’t complain since I still made it to my knitting night.  It was rather rude though.

Anyway, I’m enjoying a nice vodka tonic but don’t tell the nutritionist. Vodka didn’t have a mother or come straight from the ground so she wouldn’t like it. I have tomorrow off so I’m going to finish seaming Joyella tomorrow so I guess we’ll see just how big it truly is. And if I have enough time I want to finish piling the targhee. It’s look much better as a piled yarn but it still isn’t balanced. Oh well, practice makes perfect right? When I’m done with all my projects, we’re off to the suburbs to have dinner at our potential rehearsal dinner place. It should be a good day and I really need a day off (at least one where I’m not puking). Happy (early) Friday!