I think I’m about 3 stashes behind so here we go…

First up is this lovely fingering weight llama yarn I purchased in…can you guess?…Argentina.

We were roaming around San Telmo which is one of the oldest parts of Buenos Aires. It’s also the antique shopping center of the city. There were GORGEOUS things everywhere. I bought tons of old buttons, ribbon and lace from one shop and then we just strolled around till we found a giant antique mall off one of the side streets. We spent a few hours looking at things and talking to shop owners and then we turned a corner and there was this tiny stall selling yarn. Now this was our last day of vacation so you can imagine how much new yarn I already purchased before this. I tried to be good. We decided to stop in and buy some lovely wool and silk yarn for Carl’s aunt who lent us her apartment for the 2 weeks we were in BA. She’s a knitter so yarn was the perfect gift. While Carl worked out the details of the sale I just fell in love with this tiny skein of llama yarn. I figured one little skein wouldn’t hurt, plus I can make fingerless and who doesn’t love fingerless gloves?

Next up…some lovely lace weight from Rhinebeck.

This yarn came as part of kit to make the River Run Shawl from a company called Just Our Yarn. I loved the pattern and the colors. But what I loved more was the challenge. This is a beaded lace pattern and I’ve never done this. The fact that I still haven’t cast-on shocks me. Normally, I would have cast-on when we got back to the room. I guess I do have will power sometimes. I think one of the best things about this purchase was that I thought it was about $30 more than I actually paid so when we got back to the room and I went through my receipts I was super excited because I actually had a little bit more in the budget to spend the next day. (I really am bad).

And finally…

Beautiful Queensland Haze which is actually made with CORN! I bought this maybe a year ago at a little shop in Cornwall, NY cleverly named Cornwall Yarn Shop. I bought this yarn to make a little cardigan from Queensland Collection Book 10.

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My mom and I went to Cornwall on a whim. We’d been to all the yarn shops in our neighborhood and I think it was a Sunday so we were also limited since most shops are closed. I went online and searched for yarn shops within a comfortable distance and this is what we found. It was a great shop with some really interesting yarns that I’d never seen before like this corn yarn. They also had some sugar cane yarn which has a wonderful hand. The more I think about it we really need to go back there. Maybe this summer.

Geez…that was a lot of flashing…now for my FO.

Joyella is done and it’s not terribly awful. Ok it’s way too big under the arms and in the shoulders but it looks ok. I think I can keep this sweater for myself and when I am preggers I think this will be my go-to sweater for the first few months. But that’s a long time coming so I’ve got to keep this sweater in good shape. I”m sure it will be a pilly mess by then.

I’m waiting for Carl to get home from work so he can take a picture of me in it. I tried to take one of myself this morning and it was bad…very bad. I promise to update this post later today, cross my heart.

So what do I work on next? I sort of want to cast on for that little pink cardigan but I don’t think I should. I guess I should dive into the WIP container and see what I have. Maybe I can finish something small and then  I can start the cardigan. Before I do that I think I need to finish plying the targhee before Carl turns my wheel into kindling. The deal is that I can have my wheel but I have to put it away at the end of the day. The only problem with that is when I’m plying. I can’t put it away when I’m in the middle like I can when I’m just spinning. He’s been very understanding but I think I”m starting to push it. I guess I must ply and then knit.


Giant Hexagon Sweater

It is huge and it makes me look heavier than I am but it’s comfortable and not completely hideous.