For long weekends. I’m actually feeling a little relaxed and we’ve accomplished a lot in the last day and a half. As you know I finished Joyella yesterday which is great. This morning I finally finished plying the Targhee and it looks much better plied. I need to take it off the bobbin which I will do later today. I was going to go through the WIPs to find another project to work on but I got distracted. Months ago I bought some Rowan Summer Tweed to make a tank and of course the yarn sat. I saw the yarn while I was cleaning yesterday and I just had to cast-on the tank. Summer is coming and it’s time knit something summery. I’m nearly to the underarms so I should be done soon. Once this is done I really need to get back to my WIPs, esepcially Carl’s wedding sweater. Does anyone want to take him for couple weeks so I can get set most of the knitting done? No…oh well.

I mentioned cleaning, we rearranged our bedroom yesterday before heading out to dinner at our rehearsal dinner place (which was yummy). Then today we cleaned some of the main living areas so the apartment actually looks decent. I’m feelin good and I’m going to enjoy it because Monday will come we too fast.

People will be here in a few so I need to go. I hope you’re all having great weekends too.