One more front to go and then my tank is done!

It has a super deep v-neck so this might become the bewbie tank. I may need to wear something under it. We’ll see when it’s done.

I love working with the Rowan Summer Tweed. It’s a little squeaky on my zeypher needles but the yarn is really soft and the color is super rich.

We’re off to my mom’s for Easter dinner in a few and hopefully she doesn’t have too much chocolate in the house. My little lifestyle change has begun and at the moment I’m not supposed to be having chocolate or refined sugar. I basically have to eat things that come from the ground or a tree or had a mother. It’s been a couple days and so far I’ve been good, I think. The nutritionist will look at my food diary on Thursday and point out all the things that weren’t “good”. I currently have chickpeas soaking so I can make some chickpea burgers tonight before I go to bed. I’m going to be late tomorrow night so I thought I could prepare the burgers ahead of time and just heat them up when I get home. I found a great avocado cream sauce recipe to go on top so I think they’ll be pretty darn yummy. I also picked up buckwheat grouts while we were at the store. Now I need to figure out what to do with them. Anyone know? I think I can make meatloaf type thing with them and maybe I can make some sort of pancake? I wonder if that’s possible…well it’s time to get cleaned up for Easter. Happy Easter, Passover or just plain Happy Sunday.