Thank you for all your chocolate support. I know, it’s yummy but if you saw how much chocolate I eat in a day you’d be shocked!!! So I’m trying my best to keep the sugar to a minimum. So far I feel great and I’ve lost 7lbs since New Years!!! Of course, I might wake up one more at 3 am and eat an entire bag of M&Ms or something but since that hasn’t happened yet we’ll just move on.

Adding fuel to the fire, my lovingĀ  mother sent me this beautiful easter egg filled with jelly beans…It might get eaten and the nutritionist might be mad at me.

How can I resist? Oh, this is torture.

I guess I can distract myself with my happy shawl.

I decided to start working on my Gothic Leaves Shawl again. I started this on the way to Buenos Aires in December and it’s time to finish this thing. I’m using a couple different colorways of Kureyon Sock. I change balls when I want to add a different color that’s not in the current colorway. There’s no real rhyme or reason to it and I like it. Plus each row is FOREVAH long so it should keep my little fingers away from the GIANT dancing bunny covered devil egg that’s calling my name.

Wish me luck.