The Problem with shawls is that they’re huge! When working a triangular shawl there’s usually a point where the more rows you knit the less your progress shows. I’m at that point in my happy shawl. I’ve knit more than a dozen rows and it looks exactly the same as when I picked it back up. I need to get to the edging so the “scenery” changes. I think I know why I lost interest in this project. I’m totally bored. But I will plow through. The sooner this bugger is finished the sooner I can start something new…maybe that cardigan from Queensland Collection Book #10. It is getting warmer and my clothes budget is now non-existent. Ok back to work.

P.S. Carl started to egg the Devil Egg tonight…I couldn’t resist. It’s so good when it hits your lips. I put up a good fight and lost. Next time I will win. (It is really good chocolate though ;-))