I now have two new obsessions, listening to The Outlander and watching Tori & Dean (obviously not at the same time).

I know I’ve talked about The Outlander before but the more I listen the better it is. I really love the way the narrator tells the story. She does different voices for each character, it’s amazing. The only disconcerting thing is when I find myself falling for the hero and then I realize that I’m really falling in love with a woman “acting” as the hero. It feels like I’m in some strange Shakespearean comedy where every one is cross dressing and there confusing love triangles everywhere you look. But really, I don’t care. If I could turn Carl into an over 6 foot, ginger, Scotsman named Jamie I think I would. But the fantasy is never the same as reality and I don’t think I want ginger children so I’ll stick with what I’ve got.  He’s pretty cute, I can’t really complain ;-). Plus I’m not sure he has the legs for a kilt. 

I know Tori and Dean is a silly thing to be obsessed with but I kind of like her. Carl went to bed early the other night with a migraine and I was left alone with the remote and randomly started watching the show. I love the little babies and she’s kind of fun. It’s a guilty pleasure and I’m ok with it.

I saw the nutritionist again today and she seemed to be ok with my little hiccup last night. Apparently, she was more worried with my “mucus build up” and the amount of oatmeal I’m eating. I never thought you could have too much oatmeal but I guess you really can. So I now need to find a new breakfast meal which is more difficult than it seems since I HATE eggs. Any ideas? She wants me to stop with the oats for a week so we can see if it’s really the oats. If it’s not the oats it will be the dairy and I really don’t want to give up dairy. I life without cheese is no life at all.

All in all I seem to be doing well with my new eating habits. And feel million percent better which is great. Best of all is all the cooking. I’m loving going to the store and buying fresh ingredients and then coming home and throwing them together and making something that’s hopefully good. Tonight I made a chicken curry type dish with peppers, onions, brown rice and tomato. It was yummy. I think this is going to be a good thing.