I guess I needed more time off than I thought! I couldn’t sleep Friday night so I was a zombie all day yesterday. Carl was out with some clients in the afternoon so I put QVC on so there was some background noise and started to drift asleep. Unfortunately, I never managed to nap. I did, however, see a relatively hideous shirt on the shopping channel that got me thinking about a project I wanted to knit. This shirt had this weird ruffle down the front and the sleeves we like a capelet. The models kept spinning around to show the flowie capelet back in all its glory and in my weakened state I crawled off the couch and started rummaging in my stash for something that would be suitable to make Emily by Ysolda. And of course, I found some navy Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk yarn that was just perfect for the capelet so I cast-on.

I have about 10 more cable repeats to do and then I’m done. It’s a great little knit. It’s fast, easy and really pretty. Blue Sky Alpaca Silk is one of my favorite yarns. This capelet is going to warm and silky, what more can you ask for?

I know I should have waited to cast-on but in my defense I was very sleep deprived AND it is a quick knit. Plus I already had the pattern in my library and the yarn in my stash so it didn’t cost me a penny (now). Oh and I haven’t knit any of Ysolda patterns and part of my goal for the year was to use things I had lying around the house that I’ve never used before. I think I’m following my rules…sort of.

I started the edging of the happy shawl yesterday afternoon and this thing is huge! I’m glad that I’m finally working on the edging. Firstly, it means I’m one step closer to finishing this bugger and secondly, it means I’m finally doing some interesting knitting. Of course it takes a lot of time to finish a row and a lot of concentration. Maybe that has something to do with my casting on the Emily Capelet?

Today is going to be another lazy day I think. I have to squeeze in a bit of work for tomorrow but I should be able to do that in the afternoon. I didn’t sleep well last night either because the neighbors were having a party. We live next to some young girls and it must have been one of their birthdays because they had quite the rager last night. When Carl and I went to the store this morning for groceries we saw a note on the front door to the building from the people that live behind us. They have access to the outdoors space in the back of the building and they must have been partying out there as well because the note asked for “the person who threw ice water on them to please come and speak with them.” Carl and I wanted to put up our own note asking them to come speak to us about the noise last night and the empty beer cans (and random fan…wtf?) we found on our windowsill this morning but we thought better of it. I guess they’re still pretty upset about the ice water because Carl heard them through the vent saying something about how they’ll just have to “rage harder next time”. Oh it’s time we move to a more adult building.

Ok I’m off to take a bit of nap (I know it’s 10:30 but I’m exhausted) before I have to start my work.