I don’t why I’m in such a crummy mood but since I got home 45 minutes ago I’ve been in a funk. Maybe it’s because my mother was here to get her haircut, maybe it’s because she brought a measuring tape so she could measure me for the wedding dress (anyone know how to make your arms thinner?), maybe it’s because I shouldn’t go this long without chocolate…who knows. I have no explanation for this mood it just is what it is. Work was work, the nutritionist was very pleased with my diet this past week and only wants me to add more veggies. I have nothing to complain about and yet I feel crumtastic.

My plan to remedy this situation is to curl up on the couch with my lemon chicken thing (dreaming it’s a chocolate souffle), watch some tv and get back to my Emily Capelet. Emily makes me happy. While I knit her I think of all the dresses I can wear with her. AND Mom just told me Moving Mud will be at Maryland Sheep and Wool so I think I’m going to buy my buttons there! I LOVE Moving Mud.

I’m off to make myself happier…