I’m so happy to see this week come to a close. Between work, nightmares and allergies I’m wiped out. I’m ready for some R&R.

Last night was particularly rough. We met an old friend for dinner and drinks. He’s moving back to New York from Chicago and Carl’s helping him to find a place it’s all terribly exciting. It was a fun evening with a couple glasses of wine (nothing crazy), some yummy food and a lot of laughs. Unfortunately, I forgot that when you lose more than a couple pounds (I hit the 10lbs mark yesterday woo hoo) and you really don’t drink anymore you sort of lose the ability to handle your liquor. So I drank a normal amount for 10lb heavier Alyssa and ended up with my head in the toliet. I guess I learned my lesson and the fact that I can now have about a glass of wine as opposed to 3 like I could two months ago. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep and I am exhausted. AND it’s my own damn fault.

The other day I ordered a few School House Press videos, just because I needed a little EZ. Today they arrived at the office and I’m starting with Knitting Around. The main menu is up on the screen waiting for me to make a selection. Carl will be home in a little over an hour so I have the tv to myself for a bit. I’m going to pull out my Emily cape and watch an old friend. There’s nothing better than a little wool and a little Elizabeth after a long week.

Tomorrow I head to New Jersey to see my maid of honor. We’re going to spend the weekend watching shitty movies and knitting. This weekend is going to be the perfect end to a really rough week. There’s always a silver lining right? Oooo maybe we can even find a nice yarn shop in Somerset! She needs a good yarn store to keep her interested in knitting. She’s a beginner and only knit swith me but we need to change that. She’s nearly hooked and I think if I can find her an LYS she’ll go all the way. Wish me luck with my knitting cruisade!!