I don’t know what happened to make me such a bad blogger but I apologize for leaving you all. I can’t even blame work because my time is much more managable now that tax time is over. Whatever the reason I lost the desire to blog. Have no fear though! I never lost the desire to knit.

Since we last spent some time together I went on a little Zimmerman/Swanson kick. I now own the following School House Press videos (because I’m a freak):

  1. Kntting Glossary
  2. Knitting Around
  3. Knitter Workshop
  4. Knitting the Shawl Collar Vest
  5. Knitting: Cardigan Details
  6. Knitting: A Swedish Dubbelmossa & Scarf
  7. Knitting: A Saddle Sleave Jacket
  8. A Spiral Yoke
  9. Knitting: A Fair Isle Vest
  10. Knitting the Round the Bend Jacket/Puzzle Pillow Blanket
  11. Knitting Lace w/ Meg Swanson
  12. Kntting: The Baby Surprise Jacket

And sadly there are a few more in my queue at Amazon for when I have money again.

Yes, I did watch all of these (some again) over the last few weeks and it was lovely. I learned that I’ve been wrapping stitchs the wrong way FOREVER which explains why my knitting looks like crap whenever I have to pick up a wrap stitch. I also learned that steeks aren’t as scary as I thought so I am re-writing Carl’s sweater so I can keep knitting in the round and just steek it when I’m done! And of course I am now in LOVE with the idea of knitting with real wool all the time.

Needless to say, after nearly a month long Zimmerman/Swanson Marathon I fell off the wagon…I’m sorry. I’m a very bad knitter but I couldn’t help myself.

First, I cast-on for the Corrie Fair Isle Vest because I just couldn’t stop myself and frankly the happy shawl was boring me again.  I’m even further than pictured but since this is all I have on hand it will work for the time being.

Corrie fair isle vest

I LOVE color pattern knitting. Especially Fair Isle. I don’t know why this kit sat for as long as it did but I’m really happy to be working on it. Every day I get maybe 3-10 rows done (more on the weekends). It’s so exciting to see how the pattern developes and changes. It really is addictive. I go to bed at night thinking about the pattern. The very practical thing about this little knit is that I get to practice steeks before I do them on Carl’s sweater (which is nearly at the underarms which means it’s about time to insert my steeks!). So in some ways I needed to cast on this project as a practice piece.

Secondly, I went to Maryland Sheep and Wool this past weekend and I bought things…lots of things…such as:

  • 20 skeins of worsted weight 100% merino to make one Bog Jacket and one other sweater
  • 1 Fair Isle Sweater Kit for Bressay Cardigan by Ron Schweitzer
  • 1 Ceramic Sheep Jug
  • 2 Skeins of sock yarn (to make knee highs while we camp over Memorial Day weekend)
  • 1 felted bootie kit with soles
  • 1 jar of maple sugar (because it’s sugar I CAN eat!!!)
  • 12 bars of handmade soap from Got Soap because they rock!

So now I’m broke and my house is filled with wool again BUT I’m happy and itching to knit some more! I really want to finish this vest so I can start Bressay or the Bog Jacket…probably the Bog Jacket since it will be quick…or maybe…

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Now I have to get my butt back on the wagon so I can work through this ever growing stash!