Did I mentioned that I love fair isle? I think I remember saying something about it 😉 Every morning I wake up, jump out of bed and snuggle into the couch so I can get back to work on the Corrie Vest. Sometimes I have to run out for coffee like I did this morning which really cuts into my knitting time (LOL). Carl doesn’t like the way I make coffee. He says it’s so strong it makes his hard jump out of his chest (I think he needs to toughen up hahaha). Because of this I think he lets the coffee run out and stay out for as long as he can so he can have Ottomanelli coffee in the morning (they’re just across the street). Either way, there’s no better way to start your morning than with a nice cup of coffee and some knitting. And yes those are my legs and no I’m not naked the knitting is just covering my pjs.

I’m a few rows into the 3rd charts and I’m psyched to see what happens with each new row. This is my first (and only) repeat of this chart so it’s all new all the time. I’m secretly (ok not so secret anymore) counting down the hours till I can leave work and get back to my lover…Corrie is so beautiful. Can you cheat on someone with your knitting? I guess we’ll find out!