No this will having nothing to do with politics, religion or, frankly, anything controversial. It just has to do with US. I was going to write about the man I met last night at the nutritionist who was fascinated by my knitting and didn’t stop asking me questions but then I got a call this morning that made me change my mind.

While we were at MDSW I was on the lookout for a really nice, yet inexpensive, ceramic jug so I can make my own iced tea. I finally found on at the Spinners Hill booth. It’s about a quart/quart and a half, tan with a little blue sheep stenciled on the front. It reminds me of those old stoneware jugs that are now worth a pretty penny. Anyway, I was pretty loaded up with bags and purchases AND it was about 400 degrees (ok maybe it was only 95) so I asked the lady if she could hold it for me untill Sunday so I wouldn’t have to schlep it around. On our way out on Sunday I picked it up. They had wrapped it up nicely and put it in a box so it wouldn’t break which made me very happy and we dripped over to the car and headed home.

When I got back to my apartment I quickly put everything way so Carl wouldn’t get mad about the added clutter and I found that they left another piece of pottery in the box when they packed my piece in. I was so upset. It wasn’t right for me to have this piece and it needed to go back. I called the company and left them a voicemail explaining everything. This morning I got a call back. The lady told me to bring it with my to Rhinebeck and I can return it then. Mom will  have to do this since I will be on my honeymoon regardless it will get back to them and now I feel much better.

The funny thing about my conversation with the lady from Spinners Hill was that she kept thanking me for being so honest. And that struck me as kind of odd. Shouldn’t people just BE honest? It’s not something we should be thanked for because it’s something basic we should all do. Are people so dishonest these days that we’re genuinely shocked when a person does the right thing? If this is the case I think we are in a very sad place as a culture. I think we should change that! Now, I know this little post on an obscure knitting blog isn’t going to change the world but maybe if we all do one nice thing a day for someone (or just for the cosmos) maybe we can make our immediate environment for the better (at least). What do you think?