We spent a lovely afternoon with my mother. Ok it probably wasn’t traditional and everyone around us probably thought we were completely dysfunctional but that’s just how we are. I think she had a lovely day and that’s all that matters right?

We’re back at home now and we actually managed to find street parking without having to drive around for an hour which is pretty shocking to me. But the parking gods must have been on our side which is always  a blessing. Sometimes I wish we could afford a parking garage in this city but alas, it’s just too expensive.

I thought I would get more knitting done while we were at mom’s but things were just too crazy so I’m happy to be home so I can focus on the vest. I’m nearing the end of chart 3 which means I’m sooo close to setting up my first set of steeks. I’m really excited! I feel like I’m on the home stretch but I know I’m going to be working on this for a few more weeks. Of course this hasn’t stopped me from looking at what I can knit next. I was poking around some of my flickr groups and someone’s photo a project led me to Kate Gilbert’s Cold Snap and now I really want to knit a dress. I’d love to knit something like Cold Snap but unfortunately that would me I’d need to buy more yarn and I can’t justify that after MDSW. BUT I have the yarn to make Locus by Cirilia Rose and the pattern and I think I will finally make this dress. But I do need to finish this vest first. I will focus!!

Of course this means I’m off to knit and The Life and Times of Tim. If this was rambly I’m sorry. I’m a little tired and I think I got a little car sick this afternoon so my heads a little fuzzy. But knitting cures all ails so I’m off! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies!