I meant to post about my progress on the Corrie Vest last night but I was so engrossed with my book that I never got the chance and then we headed out for dinner and drinks and it was too late. I finished the book this morning and I really did enjoy it. It’s called The Dead Travel Fast by Deanna Raybourn. It’s was a good story that I obviously enjoy since I couldn’t put it down but it wasn’t the best book I’ve read. It think the story was interesting and the characters had a lot of promise. Unfortunately, I think it was a little too short. It would have been interesting to see some more character development but all in all it was enjoyable and I would recommend it if you’re looking to read something diverting but not too involved. I’m starting her Lady Grey series next and hopefully these books will be even better. The reviews on Amazon seem to be really good so fingers-crossed.

Now back to the knitting…

Now that I’m decreasing for the neck and the armholes while doing all the color changes I thought it was best if I wrote out some notes so I don’t make any mistakes (or I should say any more mistakes). So the other night I sat down and wrote down each decrease row and I’ve been crossing them off as I go.


Now that I have some guidelines I’m really truckin’ along nicely. I have 3 more decrease rounds for the armholes and then handful more for neck, some shoulder shaping and the colorwork part is done! I hope to have all this done by the end of the week so I can cut the steeks next weekend. I’m still a little nervous about this whole cutting my knitting thing but many people have steeked before me so I should be fine.


It’s looking pretty good right?

I’m having a brunch with a friend in a few hours so I have to get myself dresses and presentable. I hopefully I can eek out a few more rows before she gets here.