Yesterday was super busy after work. I had a baby shower for a colleague and then a house party for a friend of Carl’s and then we had my brother’s 31 birthday party. Needless to say I never had the chance to knit let alone reinforce my steeks and cut! But today is a very different matter.

I woke up late (8:30am) and spend the morning finishing Silent In The Sanctuary and procrastinating. The plan for the day was to clean a bit and for me to finally cut the steeks. Eventually I had to be good and get to the steeks. So I went down to my desk and dusted off my sewing machine. I never use it because frankly I have no idea how to sew but I can sew a fairly straight seam and that’s all I needed for this. My heart was racing as I put knitting to machine. The cutting didn’t worry so much as the sewing. I kept telling myself to remember to put the foot down so my knitting didn’t slide everywhere and get ruined. And after several agonizing minutes my knitting was reinforced and the steeks we ready for cutting.


18:365 Cutting The Steeks



The cutting was odd but definitely not scary. After watching Meg Swanson cut dozens of steeks I knew it would work as long as I stayed between the lines. I have to say I’m really proud of myself.

I finished the ribbing on one of the arm holes while we watch Tarzan. Unfortunately, I have to do more cleaning before we have to head out for yet another birthday party. When did I get a social life?

And I just realized this is my 100th day (sadly not post, bad blogger). I couldn’t have picked a better thing to do on my 100th day.