We’re off to Rhode Island for some camping this weekend but before we get there we have to take a little detour. We’re driving up to the Boston area so we can meet Mom at her sewing class Saturday morning so I can finally try on my wedding dress!!! I’m so excited to finally see the dress! I’ve tried on the muslin version but I haven’t seen it put together with all the fabrics. It’s going to be spectacular. Of course Carl will have to busy himself in the morning so I’m sending him to get the oil changed. I think that should keep him busy long enough to miss me in the dress.

Of course I’m bringing my knitting with me. I’m about halfway up the leg of the first knee sock already. Let’s see how much I can get done by Tuesday. Maybe I can even finish this thing!!! I really should bring the little baby sweater I knit for my colleague since the baby is almost here and only one sleeve is sewn in but I think I have enough time before we head out for me to get one more sleeve done. Heck, if Carl is late might be able to even sew the collar on! I’m not knitting the booties since I’ve had issues with booties in the past. For some reason they never come out right so I’ve given up on them. Instead I bought her little sheepskin booties for the baby. They’re a little warm for this time of year but come fall they’ll be perfect.

Enough yapping, it’s time for me to finish packing and get those sleeves in. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!