It’s finally Friday which means I finally have some time to myself. By some time I mean about 10 minutes before I have to rush out of the house to meet a friend of ours at his new apartment. Camping was glorious. We spent 4 days in the woods with nothing to do but feed ourselves, read, knit and play scrabble. I don’t know why we ever left.


As promised I worked on my knee sock and finally finished the first one on Thursday night. I would have finished sooner had I not been distract all all the books I was reading over the weekend. I finished the first three Lady Emily Mysteries which were fun but not serious. Which is the perfect kind of camp reading.

After looking at all the books I’ve devoured in the last couple weeks and all the other books we have lying around the apartment I realized it was time for me to finally break down and buy myself a Kindle. I’ve been decidely anti-Kindle since it came out. To me there is nothing better than the feel and smell of a book. But at some point we all have to be a little practical and frankly we have no more room for books. I feel like I’ve betrayed myself a little but really it’s for the best…right?

Since we’ve been back things have been busy. Just missing one day of work has really put us both behind but I’ve managed to finish at least one project this week. May I present the most adorbale baby sweater EVER!



I gave it to the mommy this morning and she loved it!! I can’t wait for the baby to get here so she can wear it.

Ooo I’m going to late! I have to run…