My yarn arrived for the Bog Jacket today and now I have to choose n accect color. So the jacket is a moss green and a smoke grey stripe down the arms. I want to offset this stripe with some accent color. Just a ridge or two of garter stitch. So which combo would you choose?









The funny thing is these four colors go great together. I should have knit a jacket out of them…

Thanks for the help!!! As soon as choose a color I’ll be able to finish this sucker.

I spent Sunday working on Carl’s wedding sweater and I’m proud to report that the body is nearly done. Of course I still have to knit 2 sleeves but I have a little over 3 months to do it. I think I’ll make it. If it gets close someone will just have to take Carl for a week or more so I have to finish.

I’m about half way up the leg of the second knee sock so the end is nearly in sight. Also I’ve been working on my Thick and Thin Cardigan that I started when I got back from Argentina back in JANUARY! It’s worked from the top down and I’m done with thick part of the body and I’m about 3 inches in on the bottom ribbing. The ribbing is just awful. The sweater is really heavy and unweildy which makes knitting back and forth a pain in the ass. Flopping it around actually hurts me if I’m not careful. I think I know why I stopped knitting this. I figure that if Iwork on it a little bit everyday I might finish it sometime this decade.