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I’ve had a nice relaxing weekend. The outing on Friday was actually pretty nice and I didn’t touch my knitting once. The club was beautiful and we were only there for 3 hours. We spent most of our time on a boat ride around the lake and at lunch so I was prety well entertained. Despite my lack of knitting during the outing I managed to finish the leg of the second sock and I’m now working on the cuff. This pair will be done before you know it.

Yesterday we took Dad out for a round of golf. We had a great time but I really sucked. I’m thinking too much. All these lessons have me thinking about too many things. My swing was off, my aim was terrible and by the 16th hole I was too tired from the sun that I could barely swing the club with enough speed to be move the ball any worthwhile distance. But this was the 3rd round I ever played so I can’t expect to be Tiger Woods now can I. On the plus side, my putting is improving!

Carl and I spent the night at my Dad’s. We had lots of wine, a lovely dinner and played with the doggie. It was great. We got back to the city mid morning and Carl left for work. Since then I’ve been plugging away on his sweater. The front is finished and on holders. I need to do the shoulder shaping on the back but I don’t really want to do it right now so I started the cuff of the first sleeve. It looks like I will actually finish this beofre the wedding!!


The week got away from me again. Work has been crazy and we’ve had a visitors so I haven’t had time to sit down and blog. Luckily I can’t sleep past 6:30am anymore so I’ve had time to wake up relax and get my thoughts together for a post. Nothing like waking up early for no reason. I guess this means I’m getting older but I’m going to try to not think about that.

I was making amazing progress on the Bog Jacket and then I forgot to cast-on extra stitches for the sleeves. I have to rip back a few rows and cast them on but I’m letting that sit for a bit. As I’ve been working on this I keep thinking I need more colors like something dark to set off the grey stripe down the top of the arm so I ordered 4 balls of yarn from Cestari. I ordered a couple dark blues, a yellow and a thistle color. I’ll see which one I like when they get here and others should make great hats of something. Worsted weight merino never goes to waste.  In the meantime I’m working away on the second knee sock. I’ve turned the heel and I’m going up the leg now! I hope to finish it by next weekend. We’ll see if I can do that.

I’m finding that I’m not really interested in these simple knits. They’re not holding my attention like the Corrie Vest did. I think it’s nearly time for another fair isles knit. I won’t start till I’m done with the jacket and the sock – Promise! But the question I have is which do I knit: Autumn Rose Pullover or Bressay Cardigan? I have the yarn for both of these but I can’t decide. Autumn Rose is gorgeous and modern in its shaping but Bressay is tradition fair isle.  Help me!

You might be wondering why this post is called “Par-tay” well that’s because today is my Dad’s 60th Birthday Party!! I’m super psyched to celebrate with him. My Dad and his family love a good time so it should be a fun afternoon. Plus my brother is driving me so I don’t have to worry about packing a bag to stay over night, or finding a parking spot when I get back or if I drink an extra glass of wine. Today is going to be a good day.

Yesterday morning I cast on the Heart Hat by Elizabeth Zimmerman and now it’s done!

30:365 I Heart You!



Isn’t it adorable?! Over Christmas my soon to be SIL Jen mentioned that she wanted a really cool hat so I’ve been on a mission to find just the right pattern. I found this pattern and some leftover bits of yarn in my stash and viola — HAT! I wasn’t in the mood to start my second sock yesterday and thought this would be a nice, quick break. I just have to pop down to the post office this morning and ship it out to her. I hope she likes it as much as I do. I wonder if I have enough to make a second one for me…hmm…

Now it’s back to sock 2.

Yesterday I did two things, I read and I picked out the last fabric for my wedding gown. You’ll notice that neither of those things are knitting related in anyway. I’m a very bad knitter (but an excellent reader!).

After finishing  The Dead Travel Fast on Saturday I jumped right into another Deanna Raybourn book, Silent in the Grave. I was so engrossed in the story they I barely put it down, reading late into the evening last night so I could finish the story. And alas, no knitting. I made of point of ordering the next book instead of stopping by the bookstore tonight so I will at least have reading free night tonight and maybe tomorrow. My amazon orders ship pretty darn fast and it should be here tomorrow but you never know. I’m still aiming for cutting my steeks this weekend and I will stick to my plan even if I have to leave Lady Julia and Brisbane alone for a few nights to do it.

The only time I did put the book down yesterday was to head downtown to Lace Star to pick out the last and possibly most fun fabric for my wedding dress — beaded lace. Here’s just a little taste of what we had to choose from:





I won’t tell you which one we chose but here’s my little seamstress (a.k.a my mother) making sure we had enough lace for the dress.


The rest of the dress is a gorgeous dupioni silk in a slightly off-white. Really it’s just the natural color of the silk but when I say natural it always makes me think of something darker and more creamy. It’s going to be stunning!!! I can’t wait to show off the finished dress in a few months time. I’d show it sooner but Carl might look and that would be very bad luck. And we wouldn’t want that.

OOO just got the call with Carl’s ETA so it’s time for me to wrap this up and put dinner on.

We spent a lovely afternoon with my mother. Ok it probably wasn’t traditional and everyone around us probably thought we were completely dysfunctional but that’s just how we are. I think she had a lovely day and that’s all that matters right?

We’re back at home now and we actually managed to find street parking without having to drive around for an hour which is pretty shocking to me. But the parking gods must have been on our side which is always  a blessing. Sometimes I wish we could afford a parking garage in this city but alas, it’s just too expensive.

I thought I would get more knitting done while we were at mom’s but things were just too crazy so I’m happy to be home so I can focus on the vest. I’m nearing the end of chart 3 which means I’m sooo close to setting up my first set of steeks. I’m really excited! I feel like I’m on the home stretch but I know I’m going to be working on this for a few more weeks. Of course this hasn’t stopped me from looking at what I can knit next. I was poking around some of my flickr groups and someone’s photo a project led me to Kate Gilbert’s Cold Snap and now I really want to knit a dress. I’d love to knit something like Cold Snap but unfortunately that would me I’d need to buy more yarn and I can’t justify that after MDSW. BUT I have the yarn to make Locus by Cirilia Rose and the pattern and I think I will finally make this dress. But I do need to finish this vest first. I will focus!!

Of course this means I’m off to knit and The Life and Times of Tim. If this was rambly I’m sorry. I’m a little tired and I think I got a little car sick this afternoon so my heads a little fuzzy. But knitting cures all ails so I’m off! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies!

Thank you for all your kind words. My stepmom is doing well all things considered. She’s talking and she’s open with her feelings. I think she’s going to get through this just fine. There will be bumps but it will get better.

Normal blog posts will resume Monday evening.

Today my mommy turned 60! We took her out to a lovely restaurant, Blue Fin, and ate way too much food.

My brought my new jumbo flyer and spinning stool. I’m really excited to use both but one of my bobbins was broken 😦 so I have to call The Woolery tomorrow and let them know. Hopefully they will send me replacement. I think it was the “free” bobbin that came with the flyer that broke. They’re really nice at The Woolery so I’m sure they’ll take care of this quickly.

I’m very close to finishing my last sleeve so I’m going to shit up and get to work.

P.S. I like this “shit up” I think I’m going t0 use it more and more.

We had an excellent time at Dad’s house yesterday. We played with the puppy and he LOVED his little knee cap treat thing.

Brinks The Spoiled Puppy

I want it I want it...

Thank you daddy!!

yum yum yum

I think we all love him a little too much. But how could you not love that face? And those little paws…he’s so cute!

Dinner at our reception place was amazing. We had a regular dinner and then between courses they would bring out all kinds of things to taste. I think my favorite part was dessert. A fight nearly broke out at the table over who got to eat the sticky toffee pudding. It was heavenly and no one wanted to share. I’m still stuffed this morning.

Between playing with the puppy and gorging myself I managed to finish all the hexagons including the 2 half hexagons and I cast-on on the for first sleeve this morning before we left. I guess this means I’m a little ahead of schedule.

Driving back was really interesting. I guess the rain storm that came through last night was 10x worse in Westchester than it was in CT. As we got closer to the city more and more trees were down. Some of them even brought down the power lines. We stopped by my brother’s building near Fort Tryon park so Carl could quickly show an apartment to a buyer and there were so many fallen trees. Some of them landed on cars others were just scattered around the park, some of them rather large. There were dead umbrellas and umbrella parts all over the streets and when we got back into the car after the appointment it actually started to hail. Half way to the apartment the sun came out…we’re confused. Is more stormy weather on the way are we finally done? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Just a short post today. I have to get comfy and start doing my work work so I’m not in trouble tomorrow. Thankfully I can do it all from the comfort of my couch.

My copy of Insubordiknit’s Sit and Spin arrived today and I was super excited to get home and watch it tonight. Carl was supposed to have a client dinner so he wouldn’t be home till after 9. That gave me at least 1 hour alone to watch this and maybe pull out the wheel and try out some of the techniques. Unfortunately, Carl’s client cancelled and now I have to share the TV. Frankly, I’m a little bummed.

It’s funny, when you live with someone long enough you start to cherish the time you have alone in your home. I remember when we first moved in together we didn’t want to be apart. I night spent at a parents or friends was an eternity. Now we’re more than encouraging when the other starts to talk about possible plans that would take us away for a night. It’s not like we don’t love each other or the romance has died. It’s just nice to be alone sometimes and when you’re in a couple there the opportunities seem to be slim.

We had dinner with some friends the other night. Two of them are engaged and have never lived with each other. The other two are just some single guy friends of ours. This is how the conversation between the couples went.

Engaged Male Friend: It not like you can take a week off to hang out go on vacation without your wife…(fiancee is nodding in agreement while Carl and I have shocked looks on our faces)

Me: why the heck not?

Engaged Male Friend: Because it’s wrong

Me: I’d love it if Carl would go on vacation for a week. That would be wonderful!

Carl is agreeing with me while the other couple looks at us like we’re crazy…

Me: Oh yah, you’ve never lived with each other…give it some time and you’ll LOVE him to go on vacation alone.

OK I paraphrased that A LOT but you get the point.

Carl just got home so it’s time to discuss our days…

PS I’m in the middle of hexagon 7!! Wha! Wha!

Another very late post today but it’s been a long day. I woke up really early for no particular reason today and then I passed out again a few hours later and I woke up for good I was in a daze. After that I had to hit the ground running. Carl spent the day cleaning the apartment which is great except that we usually fight when he’s cleaning so I left and went to mom’s so I could mail out our save the dates and sew in the zipper on Grandpa’s vest. My grandfather lives down the street from my mom and he keeps a P.O. at the post office so when I go there I usually run into him. I arrived at the post office and surprisingly he wasn’t there. While mailing out our save the dates to our foreign guests I struck up a conversation with the post office lady about my grandfather and my grandmother. I love talking to people who knew my grandma. She was such a great lady and it’s so nice to hear that people outside the family loved her and miss her as well.
Who pulled into the parking lot as I was leaving? Gramps of course. We said hello and had a little chat and then I quickly ran to mom’s so I could finish his vest. I sewed in my first EVER zipper (go me!) and drove over to Gramps’ to give him is gift. He was shocked to see me again and was very happy about the warm wooly vest!!! And it fit!!!

He wouldn't let me take a picture of his face.

I snuck one picture. I’m sad that I couldn’t get a shot of the knot detail on the back but what can you do?

Normally when you visit Grandpa you’re never allowed outside the kitchen but once he saw me taking a picture he asked if I could take a couple pictures of some portraits of my great great (maybe a few more greats) Grandparents from Italy without using flash. I said of course I could and Mom and I were escorted upstairs! I never knew these portraits were of family members. He lives in an old Victorian that’s filled with antiques and beautiful prints and paintings. I always thought they were just portraits that he or my Grandmother liked. So I now I have photographic proof of my Italian heritage.

Great Great....Grandma


Great Great...Grandpa

For most of my life my Grandfather denied he was Italian. I think he did this because back in the 30’s it wasn’t so “cool” to be Italian and this side of the family was and is all about keeping up appearances so to speak. But with a name like Carbone how can you deny it! After Carl and I met with Gramps to tell him we were engaged he shook Carl’s hand, looked him square in the eye and said “Remember Son, Ginnys have long memories.” That was the first time I ever heard him admit he was Italian and I’m so happy he’s starting to open up (ok it’s just a little bit but it’s something) about our family. There’s so much I want to know about who we are as a family. Maybe I can stop by for lunch one of these days and grill him for information. It’s only fair after the grilling he gave Carl, right?

Now for the sad part the day (well that depends on how you look at things). Mom and I went to Pearl River after visiting Gramps so we could have lunch and we sort of went to The Stitchery and Adam sort of enabled me. There was this beautiful Norah Gaughan sweater in the store and I just had to have it so I bought the yarn…and the pattern and some yarn and a pattern for a baby sweater for a colleague. I was bad. I know. I’m sorry. But to remedy the situation I’m going to knit both of these things really fast so they don’t really become stash. And then I swear I will be good. When I told Adam I was on a diet and he was a bad bad man he said “a yarn diet!?” like I was insane. Am I insane? No, this is a good thing. I guess this is like the recovering alcoholic having a drink. I just have to get back on the wagon. Baby steps Bob, baby steps.

After shopping and lunch I had to run back to the city to pick up Carl from and appointment and then we had to get ready for dinner with friends (known as Family Dinner) and now we’re very stuffed and lounging around the house. Since it’s nearly bed time I’m going to sign off. I’m sorry I failed miserably told be it won’t happen I again…promise!

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